Patch 4 – Improvements and optimizations

Myth Online – Patch Notes – Update 4

Once our weekly maintenance was finished, here is the changes made in-game:
– Fixed mob spawning on incorrect positions over objects in Noatun map.
– Added new skins for Hrimfaxi (Flaming Hrimfaxi) and Skinfaxi (Criogenic Skinfaxi)
– Updated the name of all shields.
– Translation update in some words.
– Fixed incorrect level description in Dagmar gem.
– Added new function to delete item by dragging outside from inventory.
– Reduced the magic damage by 25%.
– Fixed some wrong messages in-game.
– Fixed all summons that wasn’t attacking properly when in group.
– Fixed some issues in the blacksmith.
– Some improvements was made in our client executable, with the main purpose of reduce the disconnection and errors. The continuous magical attack macro mode was deactivated temporarily to get fixed some issues related to it.

Soon several major updates, stay tuned to our Discord and the website.