Patch 3 – Ready and Steady

Myth Online – Patch Notes – Update 3

Once our weekly maintenance was finished, here is the changes made in-game:
– Fixed one issue related to the reset of chaos point in the Government in Noatun.
– Added a new system to reset your chaos point once a day.
– Fixed the visualization of legendary items (le).
– Added more than 2400 items to recycle in all npcs in-game, making it easier for new
players to make bronze in-game.
– Added a new system to distribute points typing the amount desired instead of clicking
and holding.
– Fixed the bug of point distribution that sometimes wouldn’t work properly.
– Fixed the Essence upgrade for E grade equipment, which wasn’t giving good stats
when upgraded.
– We have improved our temporary mounts system, now you’ll be able to obtain
temporary mounts with eternal duration by promotions in-game.
– We have improved our power level system.
– Fixed the bug of summons that didn’t attack when in group.
– Fixed the bug to add sub-leaders in your guild.
– Added a new Guild transfer system by CTRL + Right Click.
– Fixed to equip our Ruby Circlet.
– Fixed one bug that it was required to press enter twice before distributing points.
– Our game font related to damage was updated to a new one.
– Fixed the issues related to extra tabs in the storage 
– Fixed the “Wanderer’s Bag” bug.
– We have added 4 new temporary mounts for purchase by coins. (Exclusive mounts
with low status for whose like make items collections, all mounts are eternal and
don’t expire)
– Added the new Myth Partners promotion for twitch streamers.
– All Demigod weapons now can be painted.
– Jewelry NPC now it’s working and upgrading.
– Fixed the second storage bag bug that expires when activated.
– Added new compositions in blacksmith.
– Now when you leave a guild, you will be informed how much time you need to wait to
join another guild.
– Chat now is slower.
– Fixed the teleport when you die in newbie camp.
– Fixed the bug on unlocking the level 90 on god characters that in some cases didn’t
receive the circlet.
– The requirements to upgrade the jeweler were updated to be easier for new players
until level 5.
– The cost of some items in the recycler was changed.
Nice one!! But what is coming next?
Look out in what our team is working for the next update:
– New way to upgrade items to +12 and +13 by composition is on the way.
– Referrer system. Call your friends and get rewards.
– Promotional codes with special gifts.
– New Legacy Box with special costumes and mounts for collectors.
– New global boss.
– New effects and skills.

Soon several major updates, stay tuned to our Discord and the website.