Patch 2 Finalizing corrections

Game updates:

– Fixed bug with horse animation
– Fixed issue that the group leader did not appear to others
– Improved visibility of the bronze coin in the “Guarda Carga”
– Fixed issue that could sometimes occur when selecting 2 options for sale in the store
– Added new function in NPC GodGovernant to reset CP by Bronze (we are currently investigating a problem by clicking on it)
– Improved evocation system for Guardian summons to attack even in groups
– Fixed the issue that the riding pups did not level up when killing monsters
– Fixed issue that E equipment was not equipping
– Fixed visual problem that even though it is of the correct class, the description in the item turned red
– Improved the penalty system for leaving the guild
– Added the life bar system, that when it is your “enemy” or not being in a group it now turns red
– Fixed issue that reported that the character was from citizenship 3 when he was citizenship 1.
– Added movement decrease penalty (for not being able to escape) when CP is between -50 and -75
– Fixed issue in the quest of Arch crystals that when clicking was not completing
– Fixed order to use Arch crystals
– Fixed an issue with the / info command that did not appear correctly when completing the Arcana quest
– Added 200 new recycling possibilities in the recycling system
– Changed various attributes and DROPs of monsters in the Pyramid in the desert
– Added new collector weapons
– Added the Premium Store to the game
– Added new equipment paintings in the premium store (soon a page with all of them here on the site)
– Fixed some chat issues
– Improved the DROP of some items in the “Territorio N” quest


– New compartment with Geforce systems, being able to take photos, record videos or even lives.
– Added new effect on the “Soul Limit” skill
– Improved the Discord game identification system

We are finalizing some last adjustments to deliver:

– Blacksmith
– Enhanced jeweler
– More items to recycle at NPCs

In addition, we are finalizing the NPCs for the sale of items by Essences and even the possibility of acquisition by DROP.

We are in the final stage of basic adjustments, ending this we will start with the beginners stage, marketing and updating all skills.

Soon several major updates, stay tuned to our Discord and the website.