Patch 1 brings many fixes to the game

Game updates:

– Fixed crashes reported through BugSplat, improving the stability of the application.
– Improvements in the application’s communication with Discord, preventing any crash related to it.
– Updated effects graphics engine with more compatibility in different computer ranges.
– Fixed the guildmark bug where it is not loading.
– Fixed the invisible chat bug.
– Fixed some errors related to poor loading of textures in the game.
– Fixed a crash related to the game auto system (macro)
– Added new “collector” weapon mesh and textures (weapons for collecting only, do not affect gameplay)
– Added new game item icons
– Fixed some texts and descriptions
– Fixed “Fenix” mount animation when using skills
– Improved the texture of the mana interface for a darker blue tone
– Fixed mount animations “Dente de Sabre”
– Fixed design in the C menu interface for wing slots, planetary and familiar amulets.
– Correct cub name “Rinoceronte”
– Improved some descriptions in the premium store
– Added “promotional code” field within the premium store
– Fixed an issue that typing @ in the chat was not sending to players of the same citizenship.
– Fixed issue that was not composing the “Sephiras Weapons” in the blacksmith
– Fixed issue that Rogue’s “Lamina” Skill was doing more damage than it should
– Fixed problem with changing equipment texture when refining
– Improved system of taking pictures (photo mode) to hide the chat
– Fixed issue with breeding of mounts that when turning into adults were coming with Anct effect
– Added in-game collector mount system
– Added promotional code system
– Fixed issue that when accepting change the ctrl + right click window was over the negotiation
– Added “gallop” / “walk” indicative of mounts on the interface, stating that it is on and the button is R (for now only in some resolutions)
– Added item description “Wanderer Box” that releases a flap on the Cargo Guard
– Fixed information on items with increased percentage of HP and MP that did not report correctly
– Fixed issue causing level / experience blocking for celestial and sub-celestial players
– Fixed an issue with the rune run time that was ending earlier than expected
– Fixed some issues with auto sales when players were unable to buy / sell
– Fixed issue where “Class E” item was working on level F (arch) equipment
– Fixed issue with NPC Lindy, where it was not possible to compose the spiritual stone
– Fixed issue with NPC Ehre in which it was not possible to compose a mysterious stone
– Fixed issue with unlocking level 355 and 370 that was sometimes “failing”
– Changed the system of receiving item by level of inventory for the Cargo Guard
– Removed monster that spawned randomly inside Noatun castle
– Added new system for selling items in the npcs, for the time being in the integration phase (more information coming soon)
– Added the “Invitation to Territory N” quest, sold the entry to the npc “Aki”
– Fixed monsters in the cursed village that were cloaked, making it impossible to use auto attack
– Changed several monsters throughout the game, both in drop, status and attributes.
– Improved the user panel on the website
– Name of several items changed for better identification
– Fixed nicknames and characters with invalid characters, and sent a stone exchange kit to change the temporary nick

In progress:
– Update focused on new players,
– Improvement of the item sales system at npc, with greater possibilities and rewards
– Blacksmith
– Jeweler Changes
– correction of some reported bugs
– Modified Water Quest for entry of multiple groups and with daily limit
– Nightmare quest with registration system, in case you take DC (disconnect) you can return the quest
– Balancing base damage for some classes
– New executable resolutions
– Luck box and prizes
– Correction of summons that do not attack if you are in a group of another player
– Improvement in the points distribution system
– Game executable in other languages
– “DROP” system in game Lives (initially for those who make lives, then for everyone), in which when making lives one receives prizes for time online + average views

Soon several major updates, stay tuned to our Discord and the website.