Hello World :D

Hello everyone,

With joy and pride we are announcing and launching the biggest update of Myth Online, with tons of new contents in-game, a brand new name for the game and a brand new team dedicated to do marketing and much more. Everything is new!

All the old accounts of the players of the 3rd season was migrated to this new version with some changes, which is:

1- Paintings on equipment (sets) were returned into cash.
2- The costumes were changed to other types of costumes, created by the team.
3- All mounts were reformulated.
4- All equipment were updated.
5- All weapons were updated.
6- Optimization of the executable with 64 bits version and GPU perfomance increase.
7- Items from old events, or that were no longer validated, were deleted.
8- Whoever owned the Pegasus mount was switched to Unisus.
9- Interface, systems and chat all are new.

For your information:

We will be launching an update schedule for this next week, it will be several updates and improvements that will be delivered in the coming days in real time. So don’t worry if something went wrong, we are working hard on it!

Players that played in our beta and have reported a good amount of bugs will receive an exclusive eternal costume in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!

Mounts skins was temporarily disabled for this update. We will send updates as soon as possible for this system.

For more details feel free to ask to our team on our Discord Channel, you’re welcome.

Best regards, Vibrant Team