Game Restructuring and Development Next Steps

Wednesday August 11th

Game Restructuring and Development Next Steps

Myth Online

We are launching now into Phase Two plans for a major game restructuring and with new features development to bring Myth Online forward great strides further this year. 

We know speed of game updates is vital in the digital era we live in, always attentive to feedback from the community.  After listening to player feedback on many issues including some dissatisfaction on this point, we have decided on a restructuring plan for the game and temporary pause in Myth Online’s ONLINE activities.

The team then can stay focused on delivering the desired updates as quickly as possible and thus give a real start to this new phase.

We thank all players who continue to believe in Myth Online.  Our game is made with lots of effort and dedication, and we guarantee our ongoing serious, constant work on this exciting project.

The server will shutdown on 11 August at 11:59 PM.

Any kind of further information will be published on our Discord or on our Instagram of the game.

Soon we will create a Q&A area with all information about this phase.

Once again, thank you for playing Myth Online and see you soon with tons of new updates!

The server will shutdown on 11 August at 11:59 PM.

No, both the game and the user panel will go through a total Restructuring.

Maps, economics, skill restructuring, Clans and a more effective character balancing system.

Until all development phases of this update are fully done. We do not have a scheduled launch date.